Welcome to Michigan Learning Channel LABS

Join us to Learn and Build Statewide

Now through March 22, if you join MLC LABS as a new teacher you will have a chance to win a free personalized media making learning experience for you and your students!


Joining MLC LABS is a commitment to celebrating yourself, your students, and your community. We invite teachers, coaches, and education professionals for preschool through high school to join our growing cohort of educators who believe in the power of media.

What You'll Do

  • Use Michigan Learning Channel and PBS resources in your classroom.
  • Take an active role in our online community to share your expertise with others around the state.
  • Consider sharing the lessons that you create which leverage media to meet learning goals.
  • Consider sharing media that your students create in response to PBS content or for other projects that you design.

When You'll Get

  • A free welcome kit full of exclusive educational materials to get students analyzing and creating visual media.
  • Ongoing communication about new cross-curricular content and resources from the Michigan Learning Channel and PBS.
  • Media-focused opportunities for student voice and project-based learning in your classroom.
  • Access to media producers and educational experts who can support student learning, inquiry, and content creation.
  • Opportunities to collaborate on new content and teaching resources.